Annual boiler servicing is a wise precaution which can help prevent expensive system breakdowns. Not only does regular maintenance optimize the condition and performance of the boiler, it keeps it working more economically, saving you money in the long run, whilst keeping your family safe.

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System servicing

Did you know that your heating system collects debris and sludge over time which if left, clogs up radiators and valves making them much less efficient.? This can also damage pumps, ultimately reducing the life of the heating system and significantly increasing the cost of running the system as more energy is required to achieve the same amount of heat. Merretts Heating Services provide several increasingly popular services to resolve this problem.

Chemical Flush

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Magnetic boiler filters

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Five reasons to take care of boilers all year round

A recent survey predicted that half of all homeowners would decamp to friends or family if there hot water failed? Imagine the hassle that would cause to your everyday life! Also you may be thinking that well, ‘I’ll get it done before the heating goes on’. In actual fact the average consumer actually increases their use of hot water in the summer because of more frequent showering and washing clothes! So a costly breakdown (average repair cost £320 * will inconvenience you and usually cost more money than a service. Merretts Heating Services recommend you service your boiler annually and we’re here to help in good times and in bad so book a service on 01453 791205


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When should I get my boiler serviced?

It’s a good idea to think about servicing your boiler before you really need your heating. Traditionally heating companies are quieter in the summer (1st June – 31 Aug), so it makes good sense to book a service then as you don’t have to wait so long and problems can be dealt before they become emergencies. Look out for summer offers that occur from time to time and it may save you money as well! Ring us on 01453 791205