Whether you’re updating your home, extending or fitting a new property, Merretts Heating Services can install a highly efficient system tailored to every home and lifestyle at prices that are more affordable than you think. We’ll even take your old boiler away! Call us to discuss your requirements on 01453 791205

Need a new heating system?

Whether you need a replacement boiler or are starting a new project from scratch Call Merretts Heating Services for advice on which type of boiler and heating system would best suit your requirements. We can review your existing heating system to ensure that radiators are correctly positioned and large enough to heat each area, or work with your contractor to design a new system suited to your property and budget. We ensure that the smallest details are correct, from the best location for a room thermostat to using thermostatic radiator valves. It can seem like a large task but we endeavour to make the process as stress free as possible with minimal disruption to your home. For information on boiler types click on the boxes below;

Combi boiler

A 'Combi' boiler combines a high efficiency water heater and a central heating boiler in a single unit...

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Regular Boilers

Regular boilers are ideally suited to homes that already have a traditional heating...

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System boilers

System Boilers require a hot water tank and have heating and hot water system components...

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Nest & Smart controls

Smart controls enable homeowners to monitor and control energy usage, saving energy and money by offering a greater level of control – usually over the internet via a smartphone, tablet or computer – and more intuitive remote user interface, perfect if you’ve left for the day and you’ve forgotten to turn your heating off at home.

How do smart controls work?

Smart controls use features such as downloading weather reports to know how cold or hot the day will be, or using sensors to turning down the heating when empty, to help curb your energy use.

Do they really save money?

Yes, independent studies show Smart controls can save an average of 10-12% on heating bills.

Are there any additional benefits?

Yes, some smart controls can connect to other internet-enabled devices, turning your house into a smart home, e.g., some modern cars can recognise when you’re almost home and turn on the thermostat so that your house is warm on arrival.

Ensure the experts help you select the right option with a boiler installation from Merretts Heating Services.

On the day

Having accepted our quote and arranged a date, our engineers will arrive promptly, explain the installation process, answer any questions, and lay dust sheets before commencing work. As the installation proceeds we will continue to update you until completion. We will then commission the boiler, explain how your new heating system works, give you the relevant paperwork, take away any debris and even send you a service reminder!